Timeline of Our Time

1951 – Korean War (Seoul falls).  Joseph McCarthy unleashed.  Truman fires MacArthur.  Burgess and Maclean flee. NJ tpke opens.  CBS broadcasts in color.  Peron suppresses La Prensa.

52 – Elizabeth II ascends, Ike runs, Eniwetok.  HUAC witch hunts.  Nixon.  I watch HUAC hearings during my lunch hour from CIA.  Truman seizes steel mills.  High Noon.  First Holiday Inn.  Polio hits 50,000.  Salk vaccine tested.  McDonalds.  Continue reading

Introduction to The View From 80

            Why now?  Why not.  Time has allowed us to process more than younger friends and family and we are experiencing the gift of perspective.  We have spent eight decades living, building lives, making mistakes, observing and learning.  Now the pieces of the big puzzle have begun to fit together.  It’s a great time to be alive.

We know well that no two humans look alike, but the disparity in wiring has been a surprise.  For years we have looked for partners, friends, teachers, and business associates who were compatible, who shared our value systems, our likes and dislikes.  But we have learned, or should have, that people are so different, each from the other in such profound ways that compatibility pales next to the necessity of getting along, working it out, and building around the differences.  It’s all about acceptance of the choices people make.  I ask the same thing of you as I ask of myself:  to remember that it’s all about acceptance, not dismissal.  It took me eighty years to learn that.  So if you do read on, perhaps you’ll be accepting even when you disagree; and I hope you will comment so we can build a dialogue.

You won’t read here about tales of adventure travel or high risk pleasure.  I’ve always been risk adverse.  I’ve skied Ajax Mountain, but not the Bugaboos.  I don’t love flying because it seems to me an unnatural act.  I have never wanted to hang glide or ride a roller coaster.  I don’t like to be thrilled on any level.  My pleasure unfolds when I am at peace.  I warn that my appetite for random information and experience is big.  There will be no theme here.  Last week I was upset about secrecy in government; last month I was mad at grocery stores; six decades ago I was upset about Joseph McCarthy.  As a professional movie critic, I’ll slip in a review from time to time.   I am an observer rather than a participant.  And these are the things I’ve noticed.

21 October 2013

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