Still Singing For Us – Joan Baez

Every now and then elderly radicals need a fix.  Joan Baez serves that up to packed theaters in one night concert stands worldwide.  At 76, she is gorgeous to look at – short white hair topping her familiar fit self, blue jeans, a top, a colorful scarf.  She walks quietly onstage while the audience erupts.  That’s what this is about.  For us she was a signal figure from the late 50s forward, a reflection both of the times and what we felt about those times.  We have told our children and grandchildren what these singers meant to us – Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger, but that doesn’t do it.  You have to hear it and soak it up. Continue reading

Negotiation + Time + Patience = Peace

What a gift:  we have perspective.   Young people haven’t yet experienced the visceral feelings of watching the events of their time unfold.  Those feelings became the building blocks of belief systems over time.  In our eight decades, there is one thread that has been reduced inexcusably to partisan politics with great risk to us all.  And that is the subject of war. Continue reading