Kids Know What’s Important

25 October 14 –      I’m really angry right now.  It’s the same visceral anger I feel when I think about the Tea Party, but this is far more important than ISIS or Ebola or immigration.  In 1938, I was seven years old; my weekly allowance was 25 cents; every week I went to Fogelson’s drug store and bought an ice cream cone for five cents and the month’s new Superman comic for ten.  I sat to enjoy both in one of Bill Fogelson’s wire chairs. Continue reading

Revisiting the Rosenbergs

15 October 2014 – Today’s New York Times landed upside down so the first headline I saw below the fold was this:  “The Brother Who Helped Doom the Rosenbergs.”  That brought instant transport back to the early ‘50s more than sixty years ago to a time when my husband and I were young newlyweds on the way from college to our first jobs with CIA in Washington, two among others who had decided to head that way in 1951.  We were nineteen and twenty-one and we were exploring who we were what to do with our lives. Continue reading

How Parking Lots Can Enrich Your Life

2 October 14

How Parking Lots Can Enrich Your Life

            Is a love of parking lots grounds for dismissal?  When I realized one day that I could short circuit the search for a new car by wandering in a parking lot, a solution to the car replacement problem was at hand.  Deep in the process I became fascinated by the relationship between parking lots and the buildings they served.  Who are the people who own these cars?  I had never anticipated the fun of the sociology of car shopping. Continue reading