Here Comes The Universe

24 March 15


Of all the ideas I had for improving the world over the last fifty years or so, I managed to do something about only one.  The others were ones I talked about in my family without any noticeable response.  I’ve had to remain content with the pleasure of imagining solutions to some of the things I saw as problems.  Only once did I figure out how to put an idea into action.  Continue reading

Old Age vs. New Culture


Without warning, I came face to face with a modern problem.  As I carried logs in for the woodstove on a cold winter day, a splinter stuck in my thumb.  I dug around with a sterilized needle and retrieved the splinter.  No problem there.   But when I tried to use my new cellphone upgrade, it wouldn’t let me in because my passcode is my fingerprint which I had messed up by digging for the splinter.  In my wildest dreams I never imagined I would one day be unable to use the telephone because I had damaged my fingerprint.

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