Thoughts on the Last Day of 2015

In the spirit of year end lists, here’s what ran through my head today.

We are enduring full time media coverage of an abysmally ignorant candidate whose hair is dyed bright orange atop a face that has a pink suntan with white goggle circle around his eyes.

His opponent is a woman who is trailed by his/her scandals and the stain of big contributions to their Foundation from abroad.

On college campuses the demand for political correctness is silencing the exploration of tough subjects that makes college the exciting seedbed of adult thinking.  College administrations seem baffled, silent, and weak in delivering the First Amendment.

The evangelical Right is determined to defeat Planned Parenthood.

A drunken, unlicensed teenage boy kills four pedestrians with a car and is given probation based on the theory of Affluenza – that newly popular defense position that if you are rich and privileged, there’s no way you can know right from wrong – and it’s not your fault.

We are now awash in evidence of the nasty role played by our biggest banks in the mortgage bundling that brought on the depression.  No one dares challenge the men who spend millions to save billions by manipulating federal policy and the tax code because they make enormous contributions to both parties.  It’s called the “income defense industry.”

Where is our leadership?  We hear nothing from bankers, brokers, college presidents, or candidates.  Is it true, as so many businessmen say with pride, that money has become the sole engine of our nation?  Is it true that moral leadership has become a dirty phrase?  It has been a rotten year for intelligent dialogue.  Maybe they’re all victims of Affluenza.