11 August 14

A while ago, I began to realize that as my peers move into oldest age, the ones who carry with them tools from the arts – music, painting, drawing, writing – are equipped – given health – to fill their days with pleasure.  They are seldom bored.  You don’t have to be mobile to read or write or play the piano or paint. Continue reading

How Far Have We Come From Brokeback Mountain?

I wrote this piece in 2006 when most men refused to see Brokeback Mountain.  We’ve come a long way since then with a long way still to go.

2006 – After a Yale student told me that some of her male classmates were refusing to see Brokeback Mountain, I decided to talk with a few men whose minds are notably open on controversial subjects.  “Are you going?”  From all of them, various versions of “Not on your life.”  Why?  “I’m threatened,” each replied when pushed. Continue reading